The process of Alex Varanese

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  1. Brilliant feature – have been very intrigued as to how Alex worked since seeing his work.

  2. You sound like an after school special, mashed together with crazy talent and a concentrated dose of pure awesome (for medicinal use, of course). Well done.

    This is wicked cool. Straight up gold. Alex, great work and awesome explanation. I can’t help but grin when you talk about your work this way.

    I’m curious if there’s a particular reason that you’ve used “February 06” in this piece. Is it a random date, or it there some mind bogglingly brilliant meaning behind it? Do I need security clearance to hear the secret?

  3. WOW, simply awesome…. I’m a huge fan of Alex and now I can see how he comes up with those beautiful artworks :)

    Thanks a lot James.

  4. Sense of humor is so an endangered species. Alex, you are one of the rare ones who posses that. Carry the beacon bro.

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