Signalnoise: Cycle poster

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  1. It’s always great to deviate from one’s normal routine and getting out of the comfort zone. Great poster! I like how the bars of color are separated by the cyclist’s different parts.

  2. This is really cool, I like how removed from your style it is, yet it holds true to your core designs. It would be interesting to see it in the more hog wild photoshop form just to see the translation. Love your work.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, gang. Yeah, this one is far more streamlined then my normal stuff. Made a conscious decision early on to not rely on effects or lights. Keep things really simple and pure.

  4. I particularly like shadow/gradient effects in the orange and green.

    Good work keeping it simple!

  5. I especially like the strength of the compositional diagonal from upper right to lower left. Cool colours and subtle textures.

  6. while I do like the majority of your work, this one is really something special. the imagery is powerful enough to work on it’s own without a lot of dramatic lighting or other photoshop trickery. classic style, great use of colours.

  7. I also like these styles. Especially the simplicity of it.

    It’s funny you should post this. I was just thinking about something I might design related to bicycling while I was on my bike tonight. Look out for the Black Mountain Militia soon. No return.

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