Signalnoise CKDU poster

CKDU poster by James White

Here is a poster I designed for a friend’s fundraising rock show in support of local independent radio CKDU FM here in Halifax.

This poster started just over a week ago when I began experimenting with an organic multicolored background to see what sort of effect it might hold. I documented it a bit on my Twitter as I built the overlays, and kept chipping away at it on my own time.

Here are a few different iterations of the design as I progressed.

CKDU poster iterations by James White

For some reason, I’ve been wanting to design a poster with a giant polar bear for over a year now so when Tiina approached me to design a poster for this event, I thought it was a good opportunity to sneak it in. I wanted this to look Canadian, and there is certainly some Scott Hansen and Mike Orduna influence here with the wildlife and spray effects.

I will be adjusting this design over the next little while before it is made available in the Signalnoise Store. The show is happening on October 10th at Rock Garden here in Halifax.






10 responses to “Signalnoise CKDU poster”

  1. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Great stuff! The gleam in the eye is a perfect addition—very well thought-out.

  2. Ryan Smythe Avatar

    Mike’s work freaking ROCKS. Thanks for mentioning him in your post James.

  3. Justin Avatar

    love it.

    you should do some more designs with animals!

  4. Doug Avatar

    Awesome. Love the circle-rims in the bear torso.

    Again, awesome.

  5. Doug Avatar

    Also: what font is used in the title? Very curious.

  6. Brian Avatar

    @ Doug — it is Trade Gothic – Bold Extended if I’m not mistaken. One of the best typefaces ever (in my opinion).

  7. Brian Avatar

    Awesome poster btw!

  8. Jonathan Avatar

    Inspirational stuff as always, great work!

  9. James Ellis Avatar

    Meat Curtains = Best.Dirty.Name.Ever, hahaha

  10. Joe Kisolo Avatar
    Joe Kisolo

    Nice poster – makes me think of His Dark Materials with the dust and polar bears and all.

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