Signalnoise Broadcast now weekly

Starting this week, my Signalnoise Broadcast will be moving to a new weekly format, airing every Thursday at 3pm EST. This is something I’ve been debating doing for the past while, always worried that work or other things might get in the way of me doing my hour-long broadcasts, but it’s time to bite the bullet. I really enjoy doing these things and I want to do more of them. What else matters?

Since I’m moving to a weekly, I will not be doing any announcing on the blog for upcoming shows other then the little plug in the upper-right corner. The best way of keeping track is via my Twitter, where I will be announcing the day of every broadcast so everyone has ample notice when I will be going live. So if you want to keep on top of things, hit that Twitter.

That being said, hope to see you tomorrow at 3pm!






5 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast now weekly”

  1. guidoguido Avatar

    Nice! Thanks for choosing thursday, really like that!

  2. Marcos Torres Avatar
    Marcos Torres

    Awesome James, can wait for the next broadcast, great tips from you, keep rocking buddy.

  3. Herson Rodriguez Avatar

    Thats great, thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us.


  4. james Avatar

    Thanks so much for the support, guys. I always said these things are made great solely from the questions you all come up with. Really looking forward to the more frequent schedule.

  5. Daan Avatar

    Yesterday was my first broadcast, and I’ll be sure to visit more often. It was a blast!

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