Signalnoise Broadcast 8: June 3rd, 3pm EST

That’s right, Signalnoise Broadcast 8 will be held tomorrow, June 3rd at 3pm EST. Bring your questions and lets talk some art and design.

If you have never tuned into any of my Signalnoise Broadcasts, it is essentially a live hour-long design discussion where I field various questions by viewers dealing mostly with design industry stuff, processes, news, and other hopefully helpful topics. It’s always a great time and the questions are always challenging and informed.

The best way to stay informed about when the Broadcasts will happen is via my Twitter. So tune in tomorrow at 3pm EST and lets jam.






3 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 8: June 3rd, 3pm EST”

  1. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    see ya then, slick! : P

  2. Legento Avatar

    Oh that’s great! I will definitely tune in :)

  3. Carlos Camp Avatar
    Carlos Camp

    I Love it!!!!!! Congratulations!!
    Carlos Camp from Uruguay, South America

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