Signalnoise Broadcast 7 and GSG Live

I’m stoked to announce that this week Signalnoise Broadcast 7 will be happening alongside my good pal and gorilla Nick Campbell with his GSG Live broadcast, a team-up we are calling the 2 Hours of Power! These 2 broadcasts will be happening tomorrow, May 19th starting with Signalnoise Broadcast 7 at 1pm CST and immediately followed by GSG Live at 2pm CST.

I’ve been tuning into Nick’s broadcasts for quite some time, always packed with useful and informed advice on technology, industry stuff, processes and a whole lot more. His ‘casts are essential watching for aspiring creatives and veteran nerds alike. Awesome stuff.

When the time comes, you can tune into GSG Live here, and the Signalnoise Broadcast here.






3 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 7 and GSG Live”

  1. Ollie Queen Avatar

    Well Wednesday just became a whole lot of awesome this week. Can’t wait for this. Thanks James and Nick!

  2. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    I’ll finally get to see one of these. See ya tomorrow.

  3. Luke Beard Avatar

    So much awesome

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