Signalnoise Broadcast 4

If you missed the Signalnoise Broadcast 4 last night, here is the recorded version of me and the crowd exchanging dialogue about design, inspiration, processes and advice.

A big thanks to everyone who dropped by to say hello. As I said, I really enjoy doing these broadcasts because it offers a nice window for discussion with like-minded creative folks. I got some great questions last night and a wonderful turnout of familiar names. More to come, for sure.






5 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 4”

  1. Matt Hernandez Avatar

    Great broadcast. I was unable to watch this live, but just checked it out. I am currently the Assistant Director of Publications at the University of Kentucky Athletic Department, and am an aspiring freelancer. I’m tired of working for other people! Anyway, I have a question. You mentioned your tablet and stylus…. I have noticed a lot of designers are starting to use those. I have a Bamboo tablet and stylus I tried one night not long ago and hated it. Are there any specific advantages to using them vs. a standard mouse? I’m just trying to decide if I need to give it another chance.

    Great work man, your stuff is awesome!


  2. Cameron Avatar

    Was a pleasure talking to you last night James. Thank you so much for allowing such a fantastic oppertunity! Roll on Broadcast no.5!!

  3. Brad Blackburn Avatar


    Enjoyed the webcast last night. It was cool getting to see a bit of the man behind the artwork. It was really great to hear someone else describing similar experiences coming up in this biz. I’m glad to see you are a “drawer” as well…too many people nowadays skip the classical techniques/training and go right on the computer…i think it takes the heart & quality out of it. Big fan of all your work…keep rocking and melting faces with that art. Looking forward to the next broadcast.

    Oh yeah, and Robocop seemed to be a big hit too ~ “I’ll buy that for a dollar!”

    From the land where Canadians all retire too (Florida),


  4. Miguel Angel Gonzalez Avatar

    Hi James,

    Great broadcast! It was really cool to hear your responses to very good questions. I am just starting out in this freelance graphic design field.. actually I am starting as freelance and also starting to work for a sign shop (its not much but I get to practice.. and make great connections) well can’t wait for broadcast Number 5! your work is very inspiring… and also keep posting stuff from different people…

    Take care!

  5. David Behm Avatar

    Keep these broadcasts coming James! It is a pleasure watching them!
    Can’t wait to see the new site!…..I have spent many nights myself wrestling with CSS.
    It is a love/hate relationship. =)

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