Signalnoise Broadcast 37: Illustrator demo

If you were unable to tune in for Signalnoise Broadcast 37, here is the recorded version. This week was lots of fun as I did a live Illustrator demo showing how I create some of my shiny text effects, specifically making type golden. I had no shortage of screw-ups and technical errors this time around (if you tuned in, you know what I’m talking about), and what you see here is the re-shoot I did the day after. Please pardon the 2 videos this week, Ustream decided to disconnect on me.

All errors aside, I dove into Illustrator and showed how to create a golden version of The Sword logo, one of my favorite metal bands. I walk you through the process step-by-step and talk about all the little things along the way. After the demo, we had a QA period where I answered some questions about process, industry and other things. Lots of fun.

Thanks for your patience this week, everyone. I’ll see you next week at the same time, Thursday at 3pm EST.







2 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 37: Illustrator demo”

  1. Ryan24567 Avatar

    Haha it was great for my first live broadcast

  2. Maxlefun Avatar

    What is the font name of The Sword logo ?

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