Signalnoise Broadcast 33: Network PSD breakdown

For those of you who couldn’t tune in live while I was in Vancouver, here is the recorded version of Signalnoise Broadcast 33. For this round I decided to break down my Network poster Photoshop file and show the viewers all of my layers, settings, effects, etc. This was a lot of fun because I haven’t opened this file since it was sent to print about a year and a half ago.

After we finished looking at the Photoshop file we moved into a QA session to answer process and industry questions. Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in and watched this Photoshop dissection. It was a lot of fun.






3 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 33: Network PSD breakdown”

  1. sainu Avatar

    fantastic works apprisiate you

  2. Jess Avatar

    It’s so darn pretty! I just love your work.

  3. Kirby Conn Avatar
    Kirby Conn

    Soooo glad I found you and this site! Amazing work and props to you for sharing the inner workings. You have such an approachable and easy-to-understand style, I couldn’t be more excited to have found this site based on Greyscale Gorilla’s recommendation.

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