Signalnoise Broadcast 32: Tron Legacy poster breakdown

If you missed out on tuning in to Signalnoise Broadcast 32 yesterday afternoon, here is the recorded version. Since installing Ustream Producer, I have the ability to broadcast my desktop to show some workflow which is something I didn’t know I could do (idiot, I know). So I decided to jump in head first and show some Photoshop process stuff, and gave the audience an inside look at my Tron Legacy poster, seen above. We went through the whole thing, layer by layer and I discussed all of the effects, tricks and processes I used along the way. No secrets here, it’s an open door to the making of this poster.

Next week I’ll be in Vancouver so the timeslot might shift a bit, but I’ll keep you posted via my Twitter as to what is happening. In the meantime, enjoy the Tron Legacy PSD breakdown!







2 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 32: Tron Legacy poster breakdown”

  1. Viktor Avatar

    Thats was great loved how you showed what you do to the posters and what you use.

    Live in Sweden so can´t tune in alot but always look when you pit it up.

  2. Clem Avatar

    Hi, Was looking forward to seeing this, alas that flash player is truly awful at skipping (using chrome).

    Think you may find there’s a drop off of people watching due to this.

    Nice work btw.

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