Signalnoise Broadcast 31

Last week was a bit of crud-up. I was all set to have Signalnoise Broadcast 31 at the regular time when, for whatever reason, the video panel of the Ustream broadcast window ceased to exist. I spent a good 40 minutes trying to get it to work while keeping everyone informed via audio, but it was to no avail. I managed to find an alternative method the following day, so Signalnoise Broadcast 31 was on Friday, not Thursday.

But, it seems that I came out on top. To fix the problem I installed Ustream Producer, which has a bunch of nice features that the web version never had, including the ability to switch to other videos, images and screencast as I do things live. Pardon my ignorance all you techie types, I simply didn’t know this thing existed in the form it does. :) So, on Thursday of this week I’ll be doing a small Photoshop breakdown during the broadcast to see how things go. I’ll open one of my files live and show viewers my various layers and settings. Should be fun!

Signalnoise Broadcast 31 was a great time and I showed viewers a few of my digital sketches of upcoming poster design, as well as a couple of Hobo With a Shotgun previews. Had I known Ustream Producer could show the posters live in the ‘cast I would have done that, so next time it will be done proper. Have a watch and I’ll see you later this week!






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  1. Luke Arens Avatar
    Luke Arens

    Feel sorry for the suckers who missed out on those wicked digital sketches!

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