Signalnoise Broadcast 29

I did this week’s broadcast a day early as I will be on the road at my regularly schedules time. I apologize to those who couldn’t tune in because of the sudden time shift. However, thanks very much to all of those who tuned in and to Nick Campbell who notified his viewership of my broadcast right after his. You rock, man!

We had a great time with lots of great questions. We covered an array of topics like Hobo With a Shotgun, Lord of the Rings extra features, how to operate while studying design in school, keeping personal projects going, witnessing idiots on the internet, starting a blog for the right reasons, all the awesome folks going to OFFF Barcelona, presenting to design students and the new Signalnoise Talks section, and a bunch of other stuff.

Thanks again for tuning in live, everyone! I’ll see you next week.






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