Signalnoise Broadcast 28: Europe

This Thursday, November 4th, I’m going to move the time slot for Signalnoise Broadcast 28 to an earlier start time. I know a lot of my North American viewers tune in while they are at work, listening to the broadcast as they continue with their day while European viewers tune in later at night. I’m going to switch things up this week.

This Broadcast is for all my pals across the ocean. I’ll be going live at 10am EST on Thursday morning, which will be 3pm in Paris if my calculations are correct. Tell your coworkers and bosses, bring those questions and lets talk some art and design. See you in 2 days for Signalnoise Broadcast 28: Europe.






5 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 28: Europe”

  1. Fill Avatar

    Yeah! Finaly! its great, I live in Russia, so now I can tune in right from work, and I don’t need to not sleep until 3 o clock at night as I did usual

  2. hello, i'm flo Avatar

    Yeah !
    Thank you !
    Flo (from belgium)

  3. Sergei Tatarinov Avatar

    It wasn’t that bad for Europeans to watch the broadcast at your normal time, I guess. But for those Europeans at work, it’ll be a great switch this time, for sure. And although I’m based in Russia, it’s nice to watch the cast at the regular time, which would be 11 PM: peace and quiet all around me, no one’s getting on my nerves, you know. Still, I’ll be sure to tune in this time, of course. Viva Signalnose! :D

  4. Lee Hung Nguyen Avatar

    Ah snaps… 2am Friday (Sydney, Australia)

  5. Daan Avatar

    Love that you are thinking of us as well, I hope I might be able to tune in.

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