Signalnoise Broadcast 24

If you missed out on tuning into Signalnoise Broadcast 24 last week, here is the recorded version for you to watch. Once again we had a great time and covered things like photography, Red Dead Redemption, making your designs tangible, when to show up for a job interview, the new Gap logo, personal work vs. client work and a bunch of other fun topics.

Just a little note about the upcoming broadcast. Signalnoise Broadcast 25 will be live this Thursday at 3pm EST, kind of an anniversary episode of this thing which I’m really excited about. Greg Brown, a viewer from Newfoundland (my side of Canada!) sent me an email after last week’s broadcast and asked if I could elaborate on a topic I touched on last time. So, this week we will focus on the idea of making your own art elements the hard way rather then using pre-made brushes or vectors. Greg has a great idea there, so bring those questions.

One other note, since this is the 25th broadcast I will be announcing a new Signalnoise contest that will have you making artwork. This will be exciting, hope to see you there.






2 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 24”

  1. Sergei Tatarinov Avatar

    Super interesting and fun broadcast, as per usual. You’re my 2nd biggest inspiration, James… my girlfriend being nubmer 1. :D

    Never stop inspiring us, aspiring designers! \m/
    Oh and I’ll be taking part in the upcoming contest, for sure. Don’t know if I would come up with something really cool, but I’ll do my best and give it a shot.

  2. mahmoud Avatar

    how can i know about the next broadcast?

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