Signalnoise Broadcast 2: Oct 15, 8pm EST

Signalnoise Broadcast 2

The first Signalnoise Broadcast was lots of fun, giving me the opportunity to chat with about 150 viewers at once via video chat. We talked about industry stuff, design advice, process oriented topics, all of the things I enjoy chatting about. The questions and topics presented by you guys were great and it was lots of fun, just look at the family in the above graphic :)

So, lets do it again. I will be holding Signalnoise Broadcast 2 tomorrow evening, October 15th at 8pm EST. You can tune in via the broadcast link when the broadcast goes live, so prepare any questions or topics you might have in mind. You can also leave some questions commented on this post if you are unable to tune in as I will be posting the recorded version Friday morning.

Thanks everyone, see you all then!






3 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 2: Oct 15, 8pm EST”

  1. Fill Avatar

    Please tell me what your GMT time?

  2. David Avatar

    I hope to be there dear James. Last month I been too busy and my PC still broken. But the DVD is the most exciting news right now! I want one. Also the new creations are fantastic.
    Keep shining and good luck with the new projects.

  3. Dean Avatar

    I believe that’s 1am GMT time in the United Kingdom.. the time won’t stop me watching this though, looking forward to it.. all the best!!

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