Signalnoise Broadcast 14

Here is the recorded version of Signalnoise Broadcast 14, which aired yesterday afternoon at 3pm EST. Once again, numerous familiar names attended with lots of great questions and topics. During the hour we discussed the Signalnoise t-shirt launch and the specifics behind production, the strength and weakness of stock photography, Hobo with a Shotgun vs. Hugo Stiglitz, Norwegian black metal, the future of the Signalnoise t-shirt line, pursuing your personal projects, the story behind my Daft Punk poster, and a bunch more stuff.

So, have a look at the recorded version, and be sure to tune in next week for Signalnoise Broadcast 15. It may be taking place on Wednesday next time around, but I will be sure to tweet the time switch. Thanks everyone!






3 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 14”

  1. Andrea Austoni Avatar

    Oh oh the video stops at about 7:20 and skips back to the beginning. Big bummer, I was looking forward to this.

  2. james Avatar

    Really? I just tested it and it works fine. Hit ‘Play’ and use the scrubber bar to skip to 7:20, it should play through after that.

  3. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Mister James, will you be re-ordering any posters in the near future?

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