Signalnoise Broadcast 13

If you missed tuning into Signalnoise Broadcast 13 yesterday afternoon, here is the recorded version. This was a standard open QA discussion where we hit topics such as where design ideas begin, website/print design, bigger client vs. smaller clients, freelance financial issues, some of my favorite artists, origins of the Signalnoise name, more previews and information about the Signalnoise t-shirt line, and much more.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, and be sure to mark next Thursday on your calendars for Signalnoise Broadcast 14.






2 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 13”

  1. GUS the Gamer Avatar

    Any more PSDs for the noobs? just some flares would be fine :)

  2. Shmeergla Avatar

    I’m so sad I’ve missed this one! Went to EXIT festival. Great thing you record your chat broadcasts for the fans!

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