Signalnoise Broadcast 11

If you missed out on tuning in live yesterday for Signalnoise Broadcast 11, here is the recorded version. I was disappointed when Ustream dropped my recording after 30 minutes or something, so unfortunately this is only the second half of the discussion. A bit of a shorter watch, but still a good time.

Once again we talked about a range of topics, like dealing with a creative block, the importance of drawing, project software like Basecamp, the power of using a tablet, the meaning of “horse hockey”, inspiration vs. imitation, basic design skill-sets and a lot more fun stuff. So if you missed the live version, check it out right here.






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  1. guidoguido Avatar

    Nice broadcast again. Sorry I couldn’t make it :) “horse hockey” put a smile on my face, really expecting a poster/illustration soon!
    Maybe it would be nice to pick a certain subject for upcoming broadcasts, I’ve been watching almost all of your ‘casts and a lot of the same questions are coming up every week or so. By having a specific topic that could be eliminated I think. People can also watch older casts about a topic they’re interested in.

    Just an idea I had while watching this last cast, thanks for doing this every week!

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