Signalnoise Broadcast 10

For those who missed tuning in live, here is the recorded version of Signalnoise Broadcast 10. We covered all kinds of topics like Iron Maiden, metal, striking out as a freelancer, dealing with client differences, the importance of drawing, student advice, views on spec work and a bunch more. It was a great turnout and a great time. Jerko even popped by to say hello.

Tune in next week for the next live broadcast, Thursday at 3pm EST. Have a great weekend!






4 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast 10”

  1. Herson Rodriguez Avatar

    Great broadcast 10, Had a great time. count me in for broadcast 11

  2. Josh Yarber Avatar
    Josh Yarber


  3. Tom Miatke Avatar

    God I would love to be able to join in one of the Broadcasts.. post my questions etc… but i just figured out that 3pm where you are is 5a.m in Australia which sucks major!!!
    I have a couple of questions that I was wondering if I could ask and possibly just answer in the next broadcast???
    1. I know someone mentioned if you were going to head in the Iphone app field of design… I was wondering if you ever considered making your website and/or videos compatible for Iphone (I dont have one so I dont know if they already are or not), just a question, cause I know your videos would be cool to have on an Iphone, to show others and to watch etc.
    2. Do you suggest for people freelancing to have a second form of income?? Like a part-time/casual job?
    3. I wanted to post this link cause I know a lot of people are having a lot of queries about Freelancing, this is a site I stumbled upon whilst searching through Psdtuts+ and related sites:
    Its a site that has a lot of articles and advice on freelancing and stuff :)

    Hope you are going well James, and your broadcasts kick ass!
    Cant wait to see this mysterious project of soon :)

  4. james Avatar

    Tom, thanks a lot for the comment, man. Yeah, those time changes really do suck, especially between us Canadians and you Australians. Totally opposite sides of the globe. I’m even having troubles between the Europeans staying up too late while the Americans are still at work. :)

    However, I’ll save these questions and address them during my broadcast this coming Thursday. I really appreciate your firing them over, Tom!

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