Signalnoise Broadcast #1

If you missed the opportunity to tune in last night for the first Signalnoise Broadcast, here is the recorded video. Hopefully it will alright with the absence of the chat window, which is where I got all of the questions and content I was talking about. Being that this is my first attempt at this kind of discourse, the audio levels were a bit messed up so I apologize for that. I will be looking into buying a proper microphone for the next installment. Learn as ya go, I guess.

I had a great time talking to all who tuned in, answering questions and generally talking design. Thanks very much to everyone who made this a success and there will certainly be more to come.






12 responses to “Signalnoise Broadcast #1”

  1. Michael Clayton Avatar

    Sucks i missed the video broadcast, next time though! Looks like it went well, congrats on your first attempt!

  2. David Avatar

    Can’t believe I missed it! Sorry, my PC is broken :(. Well, anyway thanks for the video. I’m sure that this was really good. Congrats James!

  3. Lukelux Avatar

    I have missed as well man. My lady is first than you james, sorry.
    The next time I would be tune. Thanks to share it.

    Also, you have sounds issues in this video. I don’t if it your copy or the original broadcast. Thanks.

    ps: When is gonna be the next live broadcast? :-)

  4. Fill Avatar

    Creat idea with webinar! Sad to say but I missed it too. Cool that you post a recorded video, I wathed it and itsrealy cool.
    A want to ask so many questions, so I look forward next broadcast.

  5. Taylor Avatar

    Blah! It sucks that I was tied up at the time, I really wanted to participate in the chat!

    It looks like a success though–I can’t wait to be able to participate in the next one.

  6. Johan Avatar

    There seems to be some signal noise on the audio :D…Can’t help myslef. Thank you and good night.

  7. Charles Willis Avatar

    I wish I would have caught this when it was happening. I’ve just become interested in design. I really dig your style, not to mention the awesome inspiration you link to on your blog.

    So thanks for posting the video. I’m really looking forward to the next podcast.

  8. james Avatar

    Thanks very much for all the positive feedback, everyone. I’m working on fixing the minor glitches for the next round, mostly the audio problem I was having. I’ll be sure to post when I do the next broadcast which I hope to have in the works very soon. This one was a blast :)

  9. Elektric Avatar

    James, when is that dvd you are (were) working on due?

  10. Mbithi Avatar

    Great broadcast. Can’t wait for more with the audio glitches out of the way.
    And yup! You pronounced my name right the 2nd time you tried it :)

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