Signalnoise Biker sticker + shirt

Original drawing.
Leather jacket mock-up.

Over the last little while I feel like I’ve been mired in paperwork and administrative stuff. Necessary evil I understand, but I’m a creative guy and my interests will always lie in making things. The craft of it all. So when I’m forced to deal with taxes and forms and whatever else that takes away from my creating, it puts me in a quiet and pretty foul mood. Just want to make things, man.

That said, I wanted to create something a bit rebellious this week. Call it therapy or whatever, but a lot of times my state of mind translates almost directly into my work. Couple that with getting into SONS OF ANARCHY recently and we end up with the Signalnoise Biker design. I wanted this one to look like it was drawn by someone in an MC, then photocopied over the years. Degraded. Last thing I wanted was something “slick” for this one, y’know? A few people said it looked like Skeletor, which is fine. Was going for a laughing Reaper. Very inspired by the SOA patch.

I’ll be arranging a sticker and t-shirt pressing this week. Watch for this one in the Signalnoise Store soon.






9 responses to “Signalnoise Biker sticker + shirt”

  1. Matthew Marshall Avatar

    The subconscious inspiration for the skull is surely the “I want to kill everyone” feeling that taxes incur.

  2. Sebastian Wiegmann Avatar

    The design is absolutely kick-ass! I’m a huge SONS OF ANARCHY fan and your design immediately reminded me of the SOA reaper. Really, really cool stuff. Would love to buy one of the shirts as soon as they’re available.

  3. Ter Avatar

    Amazing. Love the reaper…. going to have to check out your store….

  4. Chris Avatar

    I dig it. I’d love a small embroidered patch of it to put on my rock vest. I don’t know that I love it enough to knock the KISS back patch off the back, but an embroidered, 3.5″ – 6″ or so patch? Ooooh, yeah. . . .

  5. Kyle Ische Avatar

    I could personally see it as more a sticker than a shirt!

  6. Jamie Avatar

    awesome! would look great on a hoodie.

  7. Nod Avatar

    The signal noise flower looks good in all white!

  8. c Avatar

    off topic, new haircut?

  9. Simon H. Avatar

    Please, pretty please tell me you’ll have some at WMC Fest.

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