Signalnoise ‘Beast’ wallpaper

Signalnoise Beast wallpaper

It’s been a little while since I offered any wallpapers on the site, so I decided to make this one available for download. I’m the first to admit, I’m seriously fussy when it comes to the desktop of my computer. I need my wallpaper simple and all my files tucked away.

When I first got my new Macbook Pro I wanted to design a simple wallpaper I would be content with, and obviously something that has my logo included. As it turned out, that’s all it turned out to be :) I named the wallpaper ‘Beast’ after my Macbook Pro who has been sporting the wallpaper for the past month or so, he’s a real champ. Here are the links:

1280 x 800
1280 x 1024
1440 x 900
1920 x 1200

So if you want a change for your desktop, grab the new Beast wallpaper.






4 responses to “Signalnoise ‘Beast’ wallpaper”

  1. John Avatar

    Sweet, Thanks!

    If you’re interested in changing your icons, I recommend these:

  2. Viktor Olofsson Avatar
    Viktor Olofsson

    Just love the simple but sitll amazing looking desktop

    Use it myself right now

  3. Black Avatar

    Hey man! Your job is amazing, original and lovely…

    great wallpaper!!!

    But, one question, I see your photos in the previous posts…and think….you is Ben Stiler’s brother ???

    auhauhahua… sorry… you is amazing man, congratulations!!!

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