Signalnoise at Flash on the Beach 2011

You and me, Brighton! I’m really happy to announce that I will be traveling to the United Kingdom to speak at Flash on the Beach 2011, September 11 to 14. This is really exciting as I have never been to the UK and have wanted to visit my British friends for quite some time. I’m also stoked to see the awesome line-up of speakers slated for the event. Joshua Davis, Gmunk, Hillman Curtis, Robert Hodgin … high-octane inspiration, right there.

I will be presenting my Back to the Future talk at the FOTB event, and will post more details as they become available. I’m early in my trip planning process, but I would like to venture up to London on my final day to visit some pals who live there. Perhaps a meet-up? I’ll see what I can do to arrange a venue.

If you will be attending Flash on the Beach 2011, I will see you there. If you want to come, grab your tickets.






7 responses to “Signalnoise at Flash on the Beach 2011”

  1. Jorden Tually Avatar

    Man! Your gettin’ all the sweet gigs! What is this awesome retro font?

  2. PJ Tierney Avatar

    I’ll do what I can to be at this :)

  3. Tom Miatke Avatar

    Awesome as mate! Wish I could just take a casual trip to the UK and watch the conference.. Will just have to wait for when you come to Aus to speak at one :P
    Awesome stuff mate!

  4. Jorden Tually Avatar

    Yes Tom! I agree, Australia would love you James!

  5. paul_pants Avatar

    Man, if my brother was still living in England I would def consider a trip for this! Good luck James, hope you have a blast :)

  6. VolumeDean Avatar

    This is great news! Will definitely have to get some tickets for this as it will just be an hour on the train to get there!

    Have you presented alongside, or in the same line up as Joshua Davis before, as I know you’ve always found him a great inspiration?


  7. Matt Bonnington Avatar

    Totally awesome. Brighton is 15 minutes from me and the chance to hear you, Joshua Davis and Gmunk speak is an opportunity not to be missed. I will see you there.

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