FITC Toronto 2009!

FITC Toronto 2009

I bought my ticket today and I’m super excited to be attending FITC Toronto 2009 this coming April 25th to the 28th. I’m very much looking forward to seeing speakers such as Joshua Davis, David Carson, Joshua Hirsch, James Paterson among a plethora of others.

The last time I attended a global conference of this kind was way back in 2000 when I went to New York to rock out at FlashForward, so I’m more then due to spend a few days with lots of like-minded creative folks. Can’t wait.

Be sure to catch the FITC early bird ticket price before February 1st if you are planning on attending.






4 responses to “FITC Toronto 2009!”

  1. PKayne Avatar

    If you come to Toronto, I would love to meet you in person. I know that you are going to get all kind of offers. But my goal is to meet you and convince you to get on twitter. Haha :) No, I would just like to shake your hand and thank you in person.

  2. Ryan Avatar

    Hey James just wondering where you get your prints done?


  3. Will Ayers Avatar

    Great work James, also I agree with Ryan. I would like to know where your prefer to get your prints done. Thanks.

  4. james Avatar

    PKayne, well you have a few months to build a convincing case :) Will you be attending FITC in Toronto?

    Ryan and Will, I have my posters printed locally here in Halifax at a place called Precision Atlantic. They have a super good digital printer which has never done me wrong. I chose a local print shop as opposed to an online vendor because I like to have more control over my final output, and they are only a phonecall away.

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