Signalnoise at FITC Toronto

Today is my final day in Halifax before heading off to FITC Toronto to attend the big conference. I mentioned it a few times on the blog earlier, and I’m really excited to be having my first official convention talk lovingly entitled Back to the Future. I tried to pack as much informative and entertaining stuff as I could into the presentation so it will hopefully be a good time. Here are the details:

Back to the Future by James White
April 25th, 10am
Room: Toronto I

And remember, I will be having my very first solo art show entitled Broadcast that same day at Resistor Gallery, 7pm. If you will be attending FITC Toronto, I look forward to seeing you there!






5 responses to “Signalnoise at FITC Toronto”

  1. Watafak Avatar

    Big time James, good luck!

  2. Chris Toms Avatar

    Looking very much forward to it James. It will be a great event to shoot with my new camera. Finally! :)

  3. aqm Avatar

    Wish i could be there…

  4. Patrick Suin Avatar

    I’m coming to Resistor! Do you know how much the door price is? And how much are you going to be selling your print for? I can’t find any of this info anywhere.

  5. Juan D Avatar

    Your presentation was really cool and inspirational. Nice meeting you on the boat after party.

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