Signalnoise Apparel: Awesome shirt

Awesome shirt by James White

Awesome shirt by James White

Here is a project I have been wanting to kick off for quite a while, the pals on my Twitter got a sneak peek yesterday. This is the first t-shirt design for the Signalnoise Apparel line I will be launching in the coming few weeks. The ‘Awesome’ design was originally intended for a shirt before I created the poster of the same name. I will be trying for the full gamut, both men’s and women’s sizes.

The manifesto behind my t-shirt line is simple: to create shirts the way I remember them in the 70s and 80s.

Other then the recent posters I have launched, I’ve been tight-lipped about my other Signalnoise projects on the go as I worked things through and got the final designs together. Signalnoise Apparel will be opening in the near future, so stay tuned as I work out all of the details before the big launch.






19 responses to “Signalnoise Apparel: Awesome shirt”

  1. Kie Avatar

    Works very well.. Interested to see the more from the Signalnoise Apparel line…. I’ll definitely buy something :)

  2. Oliver Avatar

    I’ve got to have one. or two. Well, gimme the whole box!!!!! Geesh, this is really the most awesome shirt out there!

    Great work, James!

    All the best from germany, Oliver

  3. Dragos M Avatar

    The Superman awesome t- shirt. Good one, love the superman logo look of it.

    Fingers crossed for the t-shirt shop.

  4. Brian Davis Avatar
    Brian Davis

    Very awesome!! Got to love designing apparel, super fun ;)

  5. Karinne Avatar

    Oooohhhh this just got me giddy all over! I will definitely be buying some T’s!

  6. Tim Avatar

    Pure f-ing metal!

  7. james Avatar

    Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone. I will keep the blog updated as things progress, really excited to get these out there.

  8. mutatedjellyfish Avatar

    I will pay extra money if you print your shirts in TALL sizes. I can only wear talls, but I love your stuff.

  9. Ben Avatar

    I’m not normally one to tell others how to do things, but it would be swell if you did one with a lightly cloudy sky that said, perhaps, “Adequate”, just for us more humble types. This one would just totally oversell me, and I do hate to oversell myself on my own chest . . .

  10. Dunlap Studios Avatar

    Stoked to see the apparel line! And +1 on the tall sizes if you’re able…

  11. Preat Avatar

    Dude! Awesome! Great idea for a shirt! Another +1 on the tall sizes, us geeks tend to be skinny :)

  12. teefan Avatar

    “network” or “liquid gold 77” would be great as a tee

  13. Viktor Olofsson Avatar
    Viktor Olofsson

    So sweet im sure i Will buy something in the future :) The stuff Will shipp to other countries to ?

  14. @DirectGaming Avatar

    I love it! …..I want…..

  15. Hugo Oringe Avatar
    Hugo Oringe

    What started as an atempt to make my own version of your Awesome logo whent far ahead and turned in to a whole poster:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Tony Pett Avatar

    Great shirt. Very much inline with the opener of my resume.

    i woke up this morning and realized that i am pretty awesome after all. i mean, i always knew that i was kind of awesome, but i never realized where that awesomeness was taking me until now, in the face of the toilet water economy. it’s as if God himself parted the clouds, looked down upon me and said, “tony, in times like this, companies need people like you who can chew gum and walk at the same time.” it was at that moment when i realized that because of everything i can do, i’m pretty awesome after all.

  17. KiDG Avatar

    Man I would DEFINITELY want one of these…
    Oh please make it available soon!

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