Signalnoise and Smashing Magazine wallpaper

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  1. James-
    I have the calendar version on my mac at work. Very elegant, nice work!

  2. How? How do you do this stuff? Your a legend! Your work is amazing, I’m so impressed. Which is hard to do, I’m a temperamental 15 year old. But really, its so great. I’ve spent hours fiddling in Ps and Ai trying to get even a little bit of the effects you have and the style of your art. Its so amazing, im blown away by your stuff. Your busy and probably going to ignore this but any tips or anything? Throw a bone to the upper/middle class Aus boy in the suburbs..

    Thanks though just for having this blog. Your work is amazing.

  3. Alexander, thanks a lot for the comments, man. I very much appreciate the kind words. The best tips I can give is to keep pushing yourself to do new things, and keep researching design as you go. If you see something you like, ask yourself why . . . that is the purest form of inspiration you are going to find. I’ve mentioned it before, but a lot of my own inspiration comes from the 70s and 80s when I was a kid (Atari, Commodore, action figures, cartoons, magazine ads, cereal boxes). When you find something that gets you excited it’s very easy to get inspired by it. And of course, keep using your tools. The more you use Photoshop and Illustrator, the more you will be able to use them FOR :)

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