Signalnoise and Armada Skis

I’m really excited to announce that the awesome team over at Armada Skis have launched their 2010/11 product line, which includes a set of skis I designed. Shown above are my Halo: AR Series skis now available through Armada or other ski product distributors. Here’s some product information straight from Armada:

“Creative application of EST Park Rocker to a park-specific chassis creates the next generation ski for carving between transitions, buttering off them, and floating beyond them. Stable under foot and loose and buttery at the tip and tails, the Halo slaughters the park. Patented.”

This is the first time I have attempted to design something like this, and it was a lot of fun and quite the challenge. Being used to creating posters that typically have normal proportions, having to change up my process to allow for something so long and thin was certainly a different ordeal. Lots of fun was had, and the gang at Armada were great to work with.

Swing by Armada’s website to check out the skis, as well as my artist profile.






14 responses to “Signalnoise and Armada Skis”

  1. Lukes Beard Avatar

    Now that is cool! You get all the awesome projects!

  2. james Avatar

    Thanks Luke! Armada contacted me about doing this a while back, and they really are a great gang to work with. I only wish I skied so I could sport these on the hill.

  3. Kuba Avatar

    Please make some design for snowboards too, I’m gonna need new one next year :)

  4. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Did they give you a set too ? :D

  5. Ciaran Monaghan Avatar

    Awesome designs James!

  6. Jayson Shenk Avatar

    Man, if I didn’t already have skis… These are great.

  7. David Behm Avatar

    I’m diggin it!! Very cool James!

  8. NAVIS Avatar

    YES. I own the original Armada ARV’s and have been some of my favorite sticks to ski on ever. Amazing park skis. Armada makes some of the best skis in the biz and it’s been fun watching them grow as a company. Did you work with JP Auclair at all?

  9. Olivier Avatar

    Awesome work James, almost would want to ski if I wasn’t afraid of my legs coming off in different directions!
    Know what you mean about the challenge of working on unusual/confined spaces. I’ve done a few board designs and getting to fit to all the curves and for different sizes, fittings etc can be well tricky. So cool seeing them finished though…and if you can use them even better!! :)

  10. David Avatar

    Amazing, just amazing! Loved those designs James!

  11. beau cottington Avatar

    my favorite graphic in the 2011 line for sure man, great job

  12. Melody Avatar

    Gorgeous. They make me wish I knew how to ski.

  13. Emmanuel Avatar

    So so so so nice – Good jobs – i have to buy it

  14. Alex Varanese Avatar

    Truly badass, dude. They look great.

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