Signalnoise 2009 Giveaway

Signalnoise 2009 giveaway

Signalnoise 2009 giveaway

I have gotten quite a few messages from people in different parts of the world who were not able to get a copy of Computer Arts magazine #156, which includes my tutorial. Whether it is an over-priced import or simply not available due to geography, it’s unfortunate either way.

So to kick off the new year, I would like to have a contest to give away my own extra copy of the magazine, along with the free calendar included with issue 156 and a couple of Signalnoise bookmarks. I even hand-signed my tutorial :)

All you have to do is comment on this post, and tell me where you are from. Remember to include your email in the comment form so I can contact the winner. Comments will be left open until Friday, January 9th and the winner will be announced the following Monday. You only need to comment once as multiple comments will be deleted.

Good luck!

Update: For those who don’t already know, I am located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Thanks for the question, Marvin!

Update 2: Comments have now been closed, thanks to everyone who entered! The winner will be announced this coming Monday, so stay tuned.






169 responses to “Signalnoise 2009 Giveaway”

  1. Andres Avatar

    I am from Puerto Rico.

  2. eric Avatar

    I’m from Sweden (and it’s my birthday soon! :P)

  3. luis mostaza Avatar

    Hey there! Wow! This is an awesome coincidence, because it’s the first time I’ve entered this web site!

    I stumbled upon it by checking Scott Hansen’s site (the link about the Canadian logos), and well, I figured I’d say hello and also try to get the mag!

    I’m from Panama City (Central America, not Florida)

  4. Kyle Gach Avatar

    It’s unclear whether you intended this to be strictly for non US/Canada residents, but I’m from Manhattan, KS.


  5. David Irlanda Avatar

    Thanks for looking out for the people who couldn’t get the issue. Big fan of your work.

    I’m from New York

  6. Emma Avatar

    I’m from Hong Kong! and it’s my birthday today!

  7. Brian Avatar

    Green Bay, WI :)

  8. mike Avatar

    Minnesota USA

  9. Photon™ Avatar

    Hi! I’m from Mexico :)

  10. Agung Cahyadi Avatar

    i am very gratefull when i read your post..finally, i had opportunity to have one of great magazine in the world. thanks for you kindness.

    i’am from Indonesia.

  11. John Avatar

    Los Angeles, California.

  12. Isaac Bythewood Avatar

    Blacksburg, Virginia.

  13. Paula Avatar

    Wow! Great chance to get somthing here, in Buenos Aires, Argentina!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. jrrome Avatar

    Dearborn, Michigan
    Keep up the great work!

  15. Jessica Avatar

    Perth, Western Australia. :)

  16. Sean Yama Avatar
    Sean Yama

    I’m from Japan, and YOU ROCK!!!

  17. joe Avatar

    charlotte nc!

  18. Zaini Avatar

    Hi JW.

    Been liking your works since like forever =)

    I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

  19. Adith Avatar

    New Port Richey, FL.

  20. Mohamed Shinaz Saeed Avatar
    Mohamed Shinaz Saeed

    Hello James…
    I like your work and you have a very nice unique style. Keep up the great work!

    I’m from Maldives

    Happy New Year and have a great day!

  21. Mike H Avatar

    Everyone loves a contest =)
    I’m from North Queensland, Australia


  22. LTReid Avatar

    Elizabeth City, NC.

  23. Dan H. Avatar
    Dan H.

    Looooong Beach, CA

  24. Matt D Avatar
    Matt D

    Rochester, NY

  25. Wouter Synhaeve Avatar
    Wouter Synhaeve

    I would just love to get this magazine. I’m from belgium and computer arts magazine is pretty hard to find here.

  26. Ryan mf Avatar

    Los Angeles
    Strong believer in an indifferent universe and the power of chance.
    Here goes nothing.

  27. Fabian Avatar

    Baden, Switzerland

  28. lau Avatar

    I’m from Paris, France ;-)

  29. jonas Avatar

    hi james and everyone else,

    i’m from cologne, germany (yeah, first ;) )

    i absolutely love your work, james. you’r in my rss reader since day one.

  30. Ahmed Zainal Avatar

    I’m Ahmed from Bahrain!

  31. vgodard Avatar

    Hi James,
    I’m from France too…
    First time I so that many comments on your blog… apparently givaways are a good idea ;-)
    Still it’s amazing to see that people from all over the world loving your work !
    Keep it up !

  32. Guido Schetters Avatar

    Hi, I’m from the Netherlands!

  33. David Alonso Avatar
    David Alonso

    I’m from Spain!

    Great to see you have fans all over the world :) Happy new year everyone!

  34. Jonathan Avatar

    I’m From france too. Paris.

  35. Mbithi Avatar

    Im a big fan of yours from Nairobi, Kenya!

    Anyway, keep doing what you do. Much respect.

  36. oolong Avatar

    Celje, Slovenia, Europe :)

  37. andrea Avatar

    hi, i’m from Milan, Italy….and i just had a accident and broke my legs

  38. starlight86 Avatar

    this is cool giveway. i want your tut with your signature.that would be awesome and i can tell all my friend here about your work!

    i’m from malaysia


  39. haveyouever Avatar

    Giovanni, italian, but Valencia (Spain) based…

  40. Johan Avatar

    From sweden.
    Keep it up.

  41. Lucas Vogelmann Avatar

    Hey James!
    I’m from Brazil (the southern part).
    Check my flickr! You’re a great source of inspiration!
    Keep rockin’!

  42. mAx Avatar

    Belgium here ;)

  43. Camilo Oliveira Avatar

    São Paulo/Brazil

  44. Heinrich Avatar

    Hi James,

    You’ve got some fantastic artwork. Keep it coming!

    I’m from the United Kingdom! :)

  45. O Avatar

    greetings from Tallinn, Estonia:)

  46. Amaart Avatar

    Gomel, Belarus

  47. Masiff Avatar

    I am from Budapest (Hungary), but I bought a copy (which is 3 times overpriced here). But I love the bookmarks…

    Happy new year!

  48. Sam Avatar

    I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    And that’s it!

  49. Mark Barilla Avatar

    I love your work! Your “2009: Year of Astrology” is my current desktop background at work. Makes me feel farther north… which is always my dream here in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. :)

    Thanks for your awesome and inspirational designs!

  50. Stu Avatar

    Newcastle, Australia!

  51. hernanhalvarez Avatar

    Argentina here! ;)

  52. Clifford Go Avatar

    I’m from the Philippines, and to tell you frankly I haven’t the seen a copy of Computer Arts magazine here in our country…
    Anyways I’m just trying my luck….Keep up the fabulous works :)

  53. Mike Brisk Avatar

    I’m from Bend, Oregon

  54. Marleen Avatar

    Rotterdam, the Netherlands!

  55. Adam Avatar

    great idea!

    best wishes from Hungary :)

  56. Oliver Avatar

    Hey James!

    Would love to get my hands on that issue!

    All the best from bonn, germany,

  57. kyle steed Avatar

    Residing in Dallas, Texas.

  58. Jake Yorath Avatar

    I’m from the UK; Cardiff.

  59. elend Avatar

    Hey! I am from Germany, as well! :o

  60. Tanaka13 - Créations du Net Avatar

    hi there! i am from Arles South of France. Bonne Année 2009/Happy new year 2009!

  61. Lucio C. Avatar
    Lucio C.

    Sao Paulo/Brazil and I’ve been following your work for sometime. It’s awesome. Congrats! l.

  62. Dennis Avatar

    Hi James, I am from Braunschweig, Germany.

  63. Gert van Duinen Avatar

    Hey James, nice idea.
    Really would like to get a copy of isue 156 as I ain’t had the change to get one yet…

    Btw, the link to this site in your latest Flickr post doesn’t point to this site. I guess because of a little typo…

  64. ruli Avatar

    Im from Spain. :)

  65. Broshing Avatar

    I am from France…

    Even if I don’t win the price it’s a great idea !!
    Thanks for your work and I hope, 2009 will be a great year for The art of James White // Signalnoise

  66. Matthias Avatar

    Great idea, indeed… :) I’m from Hamburg, Germany.
    Keep up your great work!

  67. Evan Mathews Avatar

    Im from Seattle, WA and live in Austin, TX

  68. Hugh G. Avatar

    I would love to have some of your work! I’m holding down the fort in Boise, Idaho.

  69. Alexandre F. Avatar

    Hey. :)

    I´m from Portugal.

    Cheers and congratulations on your excelllent work.

  70. Phillip T Avatar
    Phillip T

    WASSSAP. I am reping Long Island, New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Nick Avatar

    Hello from Bogota, Colombia!

  72. Rodrigo Avatar

    i’m from Argentina, the city is Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. i’m a big fan of your work. it would be really great to get the magazine, cause is almost imposible to me to get any kind of digital art magazine for a price that is not the half of my monthly income.

    well, thanks anyway !

  73. Thomas Avatar

    Hello James
    I’m from Switzerland :)

  74. Cristian Avatar

    Salut! from Iasi, Romania

  75. Jen Pearce Avatar
    Jen Pearce

    I am from Seattle.

  76. fred bechet Avatar

    Yep !
    I’m from Lyon – France
    Great graphism here.

    Very please having your extra copy

  77. Taylor Goad Avatar

    I’m from Durant, Oklahoma!

  78. Michael Avatar

    Hey James,

    I’m from Durham, North Crackalacky.

    mmm hmm. yep.


  79. Dead.Pixel Avatar

    Tempe, Arizona

  80. Christian Sisson Avatar

    Hi James!
    I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Happy new year!

  81. Christian Mejia Avatar
    Christian Mejia

    I’m from Daedalus, on the far side of the Moon! We love you way out here also! Your designs remind me of my fathers art.


  82. platypotamus Avatar

    great stuff, man!

    Baltimore, MD here.

  83. Philip P. Avatar

    Hey there! Great to see this little comment (and great to read a blog by another Canadian! ^^)

    I hail from the other side of the country – currently, the cold white winter wonderland called Edmonton Alberta.

  84. Jahncie Avatar

    Hi I’m a design student from Aberdeen Scotland :)

  85. Brian Avatar

    Copenhagen, Denmark.

  86. Marvin Avatar

    I am Marvin and I am from the illustrious Oregon Coast (Newport, Oregon, specifically). Where are *you* anyway?

  87. Jared Avatar

    Lawrence, Kansas.

    Home of the 2008 NCAA National Champion Jayhawks!!

  88. nlm Avatar

    From Budapest, Hungary.

  89. Jose Espinoza Avatar

    Los Angeles, California
    Great work, great idea.

  90. David Avatar

    Hi James
    I’m so happy with this news! I follow your work everyday more than a year, it really seem fabulous to me and you are such an inspiration to me.
    I’m from Argentina and my favourite period of your work is Retro Cosmic and I’ve never commented on here before because I don’t manage this language well, and a friend is translating for me. But when I saw this, I just couldn’t stand here without doing a thing and lose the opportunity to get something like this.
    Good Luck to everyone and although I win it or not I’ll be fine just with the fact of keeping seeing your creations through this.
    Best wishes and happy new year!

  91. ehsania Avatar

    i’m from Iran

  92. Sachin Avatar

    Hi, I’m from Mauritius but living in France.

  93. Tim Avatar

    Hey there, I’m from Munich (For those who don’t know, it’s in Germany)

  94. Brian Avatar

    Hi I bought Computer Arts #156 just for your tutorial!
    (So I want the bookmark only) :P
    I’m from Hong Kong!

  95. David Avatar

    Hey there,

    i’ve seen your work in a lot of places, and always enjoyed the way you achieve your results.
    The way u made the O-series for instance was quite refreshing, simple, yet an awesome result with similar impact.
    Love the way you combine your colours and would love to learn more about how you make your works.

    Regards, David, The Netherlands.

  96. Daniel Avatar

    Hello James,

    I am from The Netherlands. Probably your only fan of the Netherlands.

  97. Christian Avatar

    Mr. White, thank you for the inspiration.

    Best regards from Denmark

  98. Steve Grossi Avatar

    Hey James! Big fan from New Jersey (USA) here!

  99. spriggan Avatar

    Here it’s not available…aiuto!!!

    I am from Rome, Italy

  100. Richard Livsey Avatar

    From London, England.

  101. Ben Avatar

    I’m from Munich, Germany and your work is so inspiring! Keep on rockin’

  102. Meredith Avatar

    Hey James

    I’m from Malmo, Sweden.

    Go on make a girl smile!


  103. Daan Weijers Avatar
    Daan Weijers

    Hi there James!

    It’s awesome ;) I live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

  104. Rod Sawatsky Avatar

    Hi, I’ve recently connected to your Flickr profile and enjoy the work i see there. You’re a busy guy. I’m inspired.

    I’m from Langley, British Columbia now but grew up in the Congo DRC.

  105. Jesus Rivera Avatar

    big Big BIG… Fan! Coming from Miramar, Florida, USA… originally from the Dominican Republic.

  106. Bianca Avatar

    Hello! I am from Curitiba, Brazil =)

  107. Celia Avatar

    I’m from Edmond, Oklahoma!

  108. likus Avatar

    I’m from Hamina, Finland. Keep on going with you amazing talent!

  109. Chad Engle Avatar

    I am from Charleston, WV. I have watched you from the beginning of your blog days. Nice to see how far you’ve come!

  110. Juanma Avatar

    Asunción, Paraguay and this would be my ultimate James White P0rn piece.

  111. Gregory Priest Avatar

    Atlanta, Georgia: Saw your how-to article in our school library copy of the magazine and wanted it for my own!

  112. Brandon Meier Avatar
    Brandon Meier

    Sacramento, California

    Couldn’t find a copy : (

  113. Ian Parr Avatar

    Sheffield, UK. That looks like a pretty little package :)

  114. Anton Avatar

    Nice site, I’m liking your style. Palatine, Illinois, US.

  115. Zazzo Avatar

    I was realy enviuos when I saw your tutorial on Computer Arts!

    Keep up the good work.

    Ciao from Milano, Italy.

  116. Roman Avatar

    Hey there, I’m all the way over in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  117. SEAN P COOEPR Avatar



  118. Gian Avatar

    Hey, I’m from Brazil.

  119. Isaac Meeks Avatar
    Isaac Meeks

    from philadelphia, pa!

  120. Dumitru Avatar

    I’m from Portugal, a place of extra hot summers.

  121. Nils Avatar

    I am from Denver, Colorado

  122. Deg Avatar

    I’m from Erie, Pennsylvania, on the shores of Lake Erie!

  123. el toro Avatar

    You are an inspiration to all! What a refreshing visual stimulation when I look at your work. Oh and my bday is the next day after this drawing :crossing fingers:

  124. bjzaba Avatar

    I’m from Australia! Thankyou so much for being this kind!

  125. lo Avatar

    i am from canada.

  126. Gustav Avatar

    I’m from Sweden.

  127. Vilson Martins Filho Avatar

    Hey James! Really Awesome!

    I´m from Brazil, (Florianópolis southern part)

    Just great.

  128. Dan Walkington Avatar
    Dan Walkington

    Fantastic work! Consider yourself bookmarked.

    I’m in Melbourne, Australia and remember fondly travelling through Canada (including Halifax) in 1992.


  129. Arnór Bogason Avatar

    Hi, my name is Arnor and I’m from Iceland.

  130. wizdom101 Avatar

    Thanks for this tut James. What’s nice about it is that you can use the technique to do so many unique pieces. it can give you a whole new perspective on how you go about creating your works. Keep inspiring!

    Dom – New York, NY

  131. Anthony Avatar

    I am from Oxford, UK.

  132. Matt Avatar

    I’m in Cambridge, MA…. Not that far away, but who could turn down a chance to win a signed copy?!

  133. Danielle Avatar

    Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

  134. Alexander Carlsen Avatar
    Alexander Carlsen

    Horsens, Denmark

  135. Patrick Aubé Avatar

    Hi my name is Patrick Aube and i’m from Quebec, Canada not so far from halifax ;)

  136. Tim Avatar

    The Netherlands!!

  137. Conrad Avatar

    I’m Conrad, living in a small village called Reddeber in Germany.


  138. Shad Avatar

    Shad in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

  139. Martin Avatar

    Hello, I’m from Cracow in Poland.
    Magazine here is sooo overpriced – it costs approximately 15 times more than a BigMac – to give you the imagination.

  140. Francis Avatar

    I’m Francis, from Seattle, WA, USA. I think the third person from Seattle to comment. =D

  141. Justin Avatar

    Hey! :D Exciting!

    Justin here from Tempe, Arizona. USA!

  142. Miguel Ribeiro Avatar
    Miguel Ribeiro

    i’m from portugal, i tried to find the magazine but i didn’t have any luck…

  143. Ryan Avatar

    I know I was one of those people. Although I recently got a copy of it. I would still like to have a signed copy though. That would be sweet. An I would feel bad about maybe taking another copy instead of somebody who didn’t get one. Except that the tutorial is now posted on Computer Arts website.

    Oh ya, I almost forgot. I’m from Richland, Washington, USA.

  144. Simon F Avatar

    Hi there,

    I’m from all the way down under in the land of OZ, raised in the 80s as a kid I guess it is natural to be drawn into retro art. As soon as I saw this piece I was struck by that sense of “awesomeness”.

    It really brought me that sense of nostalgia and encapsulated many aspects of that era, all those funky sounds in an arcade, the crazy visions and sci-fi art of the year 2000. (Where’s my teleport and being transported to work in a vaccume chute?)

    That my friends isn’t something that can be easily felt when we are constantly bombarded as modern day citizens. Thanks James, not just for the inspiration, it’s a Rejuvenation.

  145. Kevin Sylvia Avatar

    From sunny old Florida. 18 years old, struggling graphic designer, tour manager, booking agent, promoter. I dabble in a little bit too much, I’d say. Keeps me from what I truly want to do. your work’s a big inspiration though. I wish I had more time to put towards my own projects.

  146. Neil Loehlein Avatar

    Hey James,
    I am from Portland, OR, USA. I hope you get some more of those Solid Gold Bomb prints in. Every time I go to purchase them, they are sold out. I have some bad luck! :)

  147. wendy wallach Avatar
    wendy wallach

    I am in Pomona, NY!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  148. Bernat Avatar

    I’m from Barcelona, Spain.

    Thanks for all the inspiration you provide.

  149. Zonm Walruss Avatar
    Zonm Walruss

    Hey James, im big fan of your style, And youre one of my biggest inspirations for my designing style. So, thank you so much for every piece of art you put out!

    I’m from Guadalajara México.

    Greetings and happy new year

  150. Greg Kuebler Avatar
    Greg Kuebler

    Boulder, CO

    I love your work! thanks!

  151. Joseph Avatar

    Greensboro, NC, U.S.A.

    It’s funny how all the readers comment on contests, even though most people don’t comment on the regular posts! Humans are funny creatures, aren’t we!

    By the way, I’m working on a project today for a client that’s loosely based on the layout of your tutorial. I’m actually using a Photoshop brush I created for the angled lines, instead of the higher-quality Illustrator assets. Mainly because I felt lazy!

    Keep up the good work, man!
    Joseph Cotten
    Trend Setting Design
    -you’re mentioned in an article on my blog.

  152. dante Avatar

    phoenix, az….present.

  153. peter Avatar

    newport, wales

  154. Joe Avatar

    San Antonio, TX

  155. Bruce Lehmann Avatar

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Your work is mind-blowing. Would love to work towards your high standard.

  156. Daniel Wulf Avatar
    Daniel Wulf


    I’m from Düsseldorf, Germany. You are my absolute favorite Designer!! I like your stuff.


  157. Paul Avatar

    Hi James, already got the mag, so don’t pick me (not often I’ll say that).

    But as a regular reader, I’ll put the plug in for my home town of Dunedin, New Zealand (although I stumbled upon you while living in the next best city in the world Vancouver).

    Keep up the great work and happy new year.

  158. Matt89fe Avatar

    Hi James,

    Thanks for looking out for the people who couldn’t get the issue. Big fan of your work. :D

    I’m from Ferrara, in the North East of Italy, “near” Bologna (or Venice).


  159. Thomas Avatar

    Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

    Thank you and happy new year! ñ_ñ

  160. Jason Julien Avatar

    Wow. That’s a ton of comments. I’m in Ann Arbor, MI which isn’t really that remote or anything…but is pretty weird.

  161. Kathleen Avatar

    I’m from North Bay, Ontario (woo canada :P). That’s so awesome of you to give away all this stuff.

  162. Ray E. Avatar

    Ray E. from Boston, Ma

  163. Melody Avatar

    My names is Melody and I’m from Amishland, Indiana (also known as Shipshewana).

  164. Rudy Avatar

    Carrboro, NC.
    The Paris of the Piedmont.