Signalera 1967

Signalera 1967Signalera 1967 is the first large format work done in this style, and also the most enjoyable to work on. I wanted to push the style a bit further and use something that wasn’t strictly 45° angles. I wanted to also use the full spectrum again. This is designed at 24″ x 36″, and you can check a detail shot right here.

I was trying to define what the visual goal was for these new pieces and I said they looked like “optimistic 1950’s future design with 1970’s TV network promos, wrapped in a semi-cubist, propaganda style.” I really enjoy looking up old network bumpers from the 70s on YouTube, specifically those of NBC. They did some really nice stuff with the spectrum of colors and playing with the feathers of the peacock, like this one from 1971, and this one from 1982. I will be sure to post a few more bookmarked inspirational pieces soon.

1967 simply refers to Expo ’67 that took place in Montreal. It remains a pretty large part of Canadian culture today, and the design surrounding the event remains important.






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