Samurai Jack background designs

I’m a big fan of Samurai Jack. I was a bit late catching on to the cartoon because I rarely watch television, most of my viewing is on DVD, but was instantly taken by the sound and design of the show. The pacing is unlike anything I’ve seen in a cartoon, to the point where I’m surprised kids remained interested after 2-minute stints of Jack walking through a forest with nothing but the sound of wind. Genndy Tartakovsky really nailed the style on this unique ‘toon.

One of my favorite parts of the series are the beautiful landscape backgrounds, they are all different in palette and design yet fit together nicely as a set. Here are a bunch of images grabbed from Pumml, the art blog of Drake Brodahl. Be sure to check out all of his awesome Samurai Jack posts, the amount of art he covers is staggering. Seriously, any of these images would make a beautiful framed print. Enjoy. According to Drake, these were done by Dan Krall, Scott Wills and Jenny Gase-Baker. I hope I got that right.

For all you Jack nerds out there, my favorite episode is the 3 Archers, which is where the snow-covered turret above came from. Love it.






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  1. Mike Puglielli Avatar

    Love Samurai Jack – watched the cartoon when I was younger. Really great style and cartoon in general with some memorable moments and fun comedy. Nice post.

  2. David Behm Avatar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Samurai Jack!!
    My youngest son is really into the show too, and whenever we get a chance we pop in the DVDs and watch them. It amazes me how the artwork is so simple, and yet each episode has its own style and mood..

  3. Mats Morken Avatar

    Jack is awesome :)

    And not to forget Dexter´s Laboratory and the awesome cartoon version of the Clone Wars (not the 3d one that is on now). That show made me get that Star Wars feeling i had as a kid.

  4. Casey Conchinha Avatar
    Casey Conchinha

    Hey James,
    If you like Samurai Jack you should check out the movie called “The Secret of Kells”

    Here’s a trailer:

  5. SOLOMON Avatar

    awesome collection of artworks XD

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