Sad Mac in Steve Jobs Commemorative NewsWeek

When Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th, like most designers I was watching my Twitter stream the entire evening. Parked in front of the computer watching tweets go by, dominated with news, stories and tributes to Jobs. I popped open Illustrator and created a little Sad Mac icon … my own little tribute. Nothing original, obviously, but my own little version.

I ended up sending the icon to Newsweek magazine which was used it in their Steve Jobs commemorative issue, which just landed on my doorstep. My little Mac sits at the center of the inside front cover, on full black. A perfect spot for the little tribute, now seen by people worldwide.






9 responses to “Sad Mac in Steve Jobs Commemorative NewsWeek”

  1. Aman Anderson Avatar

    That’s great news man!

  2. Gabriel Gendron Avatar

    A great tribute and quite the honor to be associated, through this art, with Mr.Jobs.

  3. Maggie Avatar

    A very nice and fitting little icon. Good for you.

  4. james Avatar

    In all honesty, the little guy still chokes me up a bit. He’s so small on the inside cover.

  5. Jen K Avatar

    Congrats! Thats awesome that you have the inside cover of the tribute issue.

  6. Nicole Avatar

    Wow, congrats james!

  7. Sameen Avatar

    Lol, very cool :-)

  8. George Lazaris Avatar

    That’s awesome, congrats!

  9. rod rodriguez Avatar

    You’re creativity is genius, you don’t need a big canvas to show it. I’m a huge fan.

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