Rust Cohle illustration

Rust Cohle by James White

Rust Cohle by James White

Rust Cohle by James White

Rust Cohle by James White

The illustration tirade continues, this time I’m attacking Rust Cohle from the hit show True Detective. I had ol’ Rust on my mind after mom texted me saying her and dad just finished (and loved) season 1. My parents got good taste.

As it turns out, Matthew McConaughey is a tough sumbitch to draw so I had to map out those shadows properly. No guesswork here, man. The more I do these portrait type pieces the more things feel like they’re being locked into place. Even at the pencil stage I had a good sense of how the piece would turn out, which is a change since I like experimenting along the way. Inks are working better for me than they have on past pieces as I study how light and shadow can add volume.

Truly appreciate the interest in these as I move forward. My Instagram is being swarmed with lovely comments and Likes… thanks so much everyone. Your encouragement means the world to me.






4 responses to “Rust Cohle illustration”

  1. GaryG Avatar

    That’s wonderful, you’ve really captured his… steeliness.

    Surely Marty Hart next, sure you could really work something up with his profile. :)

  2. Josh Avatar

    Dude! I am digging the new style. How strongly referenced are the illustrations? Do you have a photo, or are you watching the show and drawing as you go? Either way extreme talent! Rock on buddy, I hope to catch a live show soon.

  3. Daniel Avatar

    Great portrait, you got it nicely ;)

  4. mamo Avatar

    wow! i love this technique!
    i just followed you on instagram.
    great work!

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