Roy Scheider portrait in an hour

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  1. Don’t think I’ll do a tutorial on this sort of thing. There’s so much trial and error in getting the strokes and tones right that the process actually breaks down. A lot of instinct … and screwing up.

  2. Not bad, especially considering the time restrains. Might give something like that a try. I haven’t been doing any digital painting in a while. :)

  3. Awesome painting of the my fav actor as well. Sweet work James. Are you giving it away by any chance?

  4. From one fan of the movie to the other, this thing RULES. I knew instantly the scene this was taken from. Nice work!

  5. it’s incredible that you get this done in less than one hour! I can’t imagine myself to draw something like this in full working day, so I am really impressed!

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