Rock 77

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  1. That is awesome! I wasn’t sitting on my Xmas gift on purpose, but I am glad I waited. I do believe I will be putting my name in for one of those Mr. Whites.

  2. Ryan, you know the science of rock :)

    Devin, the tree elements are all photographic. I combined about four images to make the scene including main tree, additional background vegetation, sky and sunset. Along with a number of color-altering overlays.

  3. James,

    What font do you use for all of these posters. I really love the swashes that add that extra flourish… Is it a font that has a ton of alternates for swashes?

    Very nice work, once again, James. You’re a continual source of inspiration for a budding designer like myself.

  4. Todd, that Queens shot is spectacular. Great find.

    Faber, I really love the display value of this typeface as well. It’s Bookman Swash combined with the regular Bookman face, check it out on Veer. I discovered it while researching vintage ads from the 1970s.

  5. Awesome as always!
    Queens of the Stone Age is a nice band too. And speaking of music I wants to share a track with Peter Gabriel which is called “Signal To Noise”. I always think of this when I visit your website (which is truly amazing).

    Anyway here is a link:

    I couldn’t find the studio version, but I think that’s even better.

  6. oh my god! that type is absolutely amazing! Did you design it by scratch? I love this, and might be the first poster I try and purchase!

  7. That’s really nice, James. Love the type, love the textures, I just love it. I dig QOTSA too!

  8. This is slightly different to your usual work, but it’s still great. It has a touch more “classic” than “retro”, I think. But perhaps they’re the same thing?

  9. Hey James,
    This is my favorite one yet since the Daft Punk poster. I’ve been checking the store every other day waiting for it to be stocked cause it will be my first purchase of yours. When’s it gonna be stocked?

    (by the way, your shit rocks)

  10. Hi James,
    Is there any way that one could get a hold of the Kyuss print, it’s amazing! Great band!

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