Robot Rock

Robot Rock, Daft Punk: James White

Robot Rock was inspired by the music and live performances of Daft Punk. I only recently became a fan of the two robots from France and I’ve been pretty fascinated with not only their music, but their image and overall hook. Putting on cool robot masks and performing for millions of fans is the best rockstar image I have come across yet. And their concerts look amazing as they play their songs on crazy touch-screen technology.

The color treatment for this piece comes from the cover of their recent Alive 2007 album.






11 responses to “Robot Rock”

  1. Marc Edwards Avatar

    Insanely hot. Love it!

  2. lau Avatar


  3. Ryan Avatar

    I’m down with le Daft Punks – especially this whole robot thing. I really like how they would do interviews and not speak. Just have responses scrolling in red text across their helmets.

    Mind you I did think their second album was pretty wack. Homework on the other hand, is totally I-Tech 1997.

  4. damien Avatar

    Hope you’ll design their next album cover!

  5. wllv Avatar

    Your composition and colors are great, but it’s a bit always the same stuff dude, I’d like to see something different from you coz I think you’re skilled.

    Btw, let people ffffound you, instead of ffffouding yourself, this is the concept, imho!

    Keep it up,

  6. Rasmin Avatar

    Hey! How come this print is not available at the store? I’d love to buy a print. It’s excellent.
    Let me know if it ever becomes available.


  7. james Avatar

    Rasmin, I’m currently trying to get permission to sell the piece in my store. If it turns out I’m unable to do so, I might make this a limited time give-away poster. We will see in the next little while.

  8. Heather Avatar

    this is such a cool poster! would love to see it become available :)
    your blog is full of such awesome work, keep it up!

  9. kris Avatar

    I understand you’re probably not selling this due to licensing issues – but seriously, you should get a hold of someone to get this out there; or at least give us a high-res version!

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