Retro TV style frames for VH1

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  1. That video looked highly based on the images you have shown, especially the spectrum lines you said about, and also the background and overall feeling.

    Did you get some credit for these in the final product?

    Also just interested in how they go about this process, but did they contact you to draw up some ideas for what they could use for some idents etc. and then they get ‘Laundry’ to animate this all up using your vision for the style. Maybe something you could answer in SNBC?


  2. Dean, yeah the clips that Laundry uses on their site looks like a compilation of the spectrum lines. Really cool to see all in once place. I believe my name is listed somewhere as a conceptual credit, just not sure where specifically. And you pretty much nailed the process. I handed them layered files and they used some of the elements and rendered most of it in 3D, I do believe.

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