Remember, remember

Digitally painted after the original V FOR VENDETTA book cover artwork by David Lloyd.






10 responses to “Remember, remember”

  1. Leukocyt Avatar

    Like the concept, and it’s cool you used your new technique (which I really dig), but I don’t like the balance of the image. The bottom is very heavy compared to the top which makes the top look like there’s something missing.

    It’s a really good image nonetheless :)

  2. Cameron Avatar

    Guy Fawkes Lives On…James White Remembers…Does Anyone Else?

    Great Work!

  3. Alex R Avatar

    I’m a HUGE V for Vendetta fan, i really like how this turned out.
    I love your new shading technique.
    Keep up the good work mate!

  4. pip0 Avatar

    Nice Work i would like to see this technique as a Tutorial in this project or something else like that

  5. james Avatar

    pip0, I won’t be doing a tutorial of this technique. It’s all painting skills I learned in art school, translated to digital. Lots of trial and error, too much to tame and write about step by step.

  6. Seba Avatar

    What Brushes did you use about this Poster?

  7. Simon H. Avatar

    Looks pretty slick sir.

  8. Perttu Avatar

    Wow, sick dude! That would make an awesome print!

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