Red Reflection 3: Before and After

Red Reflection: After

Red Reflection: Before

Here is yet another image from the Red Reflection project I recently completed. With this sequence, I was supplied with four straight photos of the model and I was to add all of the textures, splashes, lighting and effects. I had a great time working on this image with the multiple angles and zooms.

Shown above are before and after shots, click them to see a larger version of both.






4 responses to “Red Reflection 3: Before and After”

  1. laurin Avatar

    looks great! only the sungalsses i prefer of the original, because after retouching they seem a bit to “transparent”… anyhow, great job!

  2. Marvin Avatar

    I am *truly* impressed – I have a difficult time, at times, creating background layers that work *well* with the upper layers (for some reason I *used* to be much better at cutting these things out than I used to be, LOL).


  3. David Avatar

    Really good job James! You keep me impressed as always. Thanks for sharing your work, I love it.

  4. james Avatar

    Really appreciate the kind words everyone!

    Marvin, I have the same troubles matching elements. It’s all about experimenting with color saturation, hue and levels. Also try stepping away from the work for a little while to let your eyes rest.

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