Red Reflection: Before and After

Red Reflection

Red Reflection

Here is another photo composition for the Red Reflection project. I was supplied with the sraight photo of the lady on a white background and added all of the additional textures, lighting and effects.

Check out the before and after shot above to see how many addtional elements were added.






4 responses to “Red Reflection: Before and After”

  1. chad engle Avatar

    That looks really awesome. I would really love to see it in context once the ad is done/published. Really cool look/effect.

  2. John Koski Avatar
    John Koski

    Very nice, James.

  3. Ray Avatar

    Your work makes my manly parts tingle, James.

  4. laurin Avatar

    stunning! you made an artistic composition out of a boring everyday-clothing-ad-photo. very cool!

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