Recent concept drawings

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  1. I have no idea, that’s why I said some of these probably won’t make it to t-shirt form. What I try to do is change the original content as much as possible so it becomes something else, much like what Glennz has been doing:

    It’s a strange grey area, but always fun to try and reinterpret a previous design.

  2. I rather enjoy the black metal direction of some of these designs. I honestly think you could create a few shirts with this theme in mind.

  3. Both the smurf and the Care bear look like they should be Kiss fans! Maybe throw in a Gene Simmons My Little Pony and you got yourself a t-shirt!

    As for the ip stuff… the parody sketches (smurf, scare bear, etc…) you can probably get away with. Scott Johnson at does it all the time. Though i’ve often wondered how he gets away with it too.

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