Recent concept drawings

• The intial concept drawing for my Signalnoise 2012 shirt.
• I'd like to have Eddie chewing on some Signalnoise type, somehow.
• Heavy metal skull, designed to the tune of Guns n' Roses 'Appetite for Destruction'.
• I drew this guy while watching Black Dynamite with some friends.
• Scare Bear likes to listen to Gorgoroth.
• This one is pretty self-explanatory.

I’ve been asked quite a few times how I feel about sketching as part of the creative process. It doesn’t matter what I’m working on and what the final medium might be, I always start with roughing up ideas in my sketchbook before going near the computer. For me, it helps clear my head without the worry of “multitasking” and forces me to focus on one thing and one idea.

Here are a bunch of drawings I created over the past couple of weeks, which some of you might have caught on my Twitter. Naturally, I’m always thinking about new fun t-shirt ideas I can throw into the mix, so most of these were designed and geared toward how they might look on a shirt and what peoples’ reactions might be if they saw someone wearing it. I constantly get compliments on my Black Metal Busters shirt whenever I wear it, so a few of these are exploring the idea of taking characters from my youth (1980s) and melding them with metal. The idea just makes me laugh when people recognize the characters.

Will all of these make it to t-shirts? Well, probably not as I’m sure there are some kind of copyrights involved especially with Maiden’s Eddie, since I didn’t change his design at all. But maybe I can get Bruce and the boys onboard. Who knows?

Signalnoise Broadcast 21: Starting your t-shirt line

That being said, I’d like to throw a small plug for tomorrow’s Signalnoise Broadcast. Its been requested that I go over the specifics about how I started my t-shirt line, what services are involved and what supplies I use. So tomorrow I will be performing a little demo of how I pack my shirts, what I use, and how I make my wares accessible online. I want to do this in hopes that other people who want to start their own brand can grab some advice they need to get the ball rolling. It’s sure to be a fun time, 2pm EST, hope to see you there.







10 responses to “Recent concept drawings”

  1. Jack McGill Avatar
    Jack McGill

    How do you get away with copyright I.e. using others IP?

  2. james Avatar

    I have no idea, that’s why I said some of these probably won’t make it to t-shirt form. What I try to do is change the original content as much as possible so it becomes something else, much like what Glennz has been doing:

    It’s a strange grey area, but always fun to try and reinterpret a previous design.

  3. Rob Loukotka Avatar

    If you make something metal enough, there IS no copyright.

  4. Erica Avatar

    Woww Great! =D

  5. Watafak Avatar

    Awesome drawings. I wan to see some typography in action James!

  6. Justin Avatar

    I rather enjoy the black metal direction of some of these designs. I honestly think you could create a few shirts with this theme in mind.

  7. Brandon Avatar

    Yo James, what kinds of pens and pencils do you sketch with? Do you have a preference? Awesome glimpse into your process, I dig it!

  8. Michael Avatar

    Both the smurf and the Care bear look like they should be Kiss fans! Maybe throw in a Gene Simmons My Little Pony and you got yourself a t-shirt!

    As for the ip stuff… the parody sketches (smurf, scare bear, etc…) you can probably get away with. Scott Johnson at does it all the time. Though i’ve often wondered how he gets away with it too.

  9. Jess Avatar

    LOVE the smurf! I hope you can get away with that one!

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