Protostar Cosmique

Protostar Cosmique: James White

Protostar Cosmique is inspired by cosmic photographs taken of distant nebulas. A protostar is the name given to an embryotic star formed in giant gas columns by the accumulation of dust and eventual ignition. You can see a detail shot right here.

This will soon make it’s way into the Signalnoise Store when I make another run of prints to re-stock.






5 responses to “Protostar Cosmique”

  1. Rodrigo Avilés Avatar

    i think your art have a very “musical” feeling. that’s great.

  2. Christian Sisson Avatar

    I’m a huge fan of Hubble and sure the nebulas and cosmic bodies are a great source of inspiration.
    I always visit the NASA/ESA Hubble website [] for there’s a lot of high quality images to download and appreciate.
    Good work!

  3. Juanma Avatar

    see James, this is the type of things that makes me want to sell my computer and start a Deli.

    This is AMAZING. I Love it.

  4. james Avatar

    Thanks everyone.

    Christian, thanks so much for that link to the Hubble site. I’ve been a fan of the ‘Astronomy Photo of the Day’ website, but this one is far more concise. I appreciate the heads up.

  5. […] This cosmic design was based loosely on a piece by artist James White called “Protostar Cosmique.”  I was fascinated how he combined some really nice elements to create a protostar […]

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