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  1. Rahhhhhhhhhhhsberry Parade!

    Poster’s looking great, I spy the “lined lens flare” from your Drive/Hobo works in there too :)

  2. I´d call this a “solid white”!! HEHE
    Really like this one. Although I am not sure about this old Poster frame….. The grungy style on the edges seems to abscent in the rest of the design.
    Keep it up buddy!

  3. Nice poster, James. I guess every child of the 80s has a bit of Prince’s music lodged in their mind. You can’t deny he’s a killer guitarist.

    Looks like you had pretty good seats, eh?

  4. Yeah, I have a friend who helps with the lights for Prince. I really respect the attention to detail.

    Now, if you like lights (and 80’s metal), you should go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra >:)

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