At the last minute I was offered a ticket to see Prince perform live in Halifax. Most of my friends were already going and I was on the fence long enough to assume I wouldn’t be going. Really happy that wasn’t the case. I’m familiar with some of Prince’s material, but not nearly enough as I should be. I do like how Prince goes about his work very differently then other musicians, really cares about his craft and it shows. And for what it’s worth, I always liked that symbol of his … great ideas wrapped in there.

His show last night was one of the best I’d ever seen. He makes the standard stage/audience set-up look really lazy. He and his performers danced around his giant logo, lights galore. Amazing spectacle to see. I snapped the photo seen above during the show (which I wasn’t allowed to do), a fluke moment that captured some beautiful colours right when that orange spotlight hit me. Liked it so much, I aped the colours to make a Prince design, seen above.

If you have the chance to see him live, highly recommend it.






10 responses to “Prince”

  1. PJ Avatar

    Rahhhhhhhhhhhsberry Parade!

    Poster’s looking great, I spy the “lined lens flare” from your Drive/Hobo works in there too :)

  2. gilderic Avatar

    The poster looks great !

  3. LucasG Avatar

    Looks good James, as always.

  4. DAN-O-SAUR Avatar

    I´d call this a “solid white”!! HEHE
    Really like this one. Although I am not sure about this old Poster frame….. The grungy style on the edges seems to abscent in the rest of the design.
    Keep it up buddy!

  5. dylan Avatar

    sexy motherfucker!

  6. Dave Avatar

    Nice poster, James. I guess every child of the 80s has a bit of Prince’s music lodged in their mind. You can’t deny he’s a killer guitarist.

    Looks like you had pretty good seats, eh?

  7. Kevin Avatar

    Yeah, I have a friend who helps with the lights for Prince. I really respect the attention to detail.

    Now, if you like lights (and 80’s metal), you should go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra >:)

  8. Christopher Dean Avatar

    You can see me dancing in the blue shirt, bottom leftish, pointing at Prince at ~1:20.

  9. Riotmateria Avatar

    woo! the truckstop flare returns! :D
    looks beautiful James! well done!

  10. Modster Avatar

    You need to put the rays of Jehovah shining through it and give all praise.

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