Posters by Laurent Durieux

I’ve been seeing the work of Laurent Durieux popping up quite often over the last while and every time it stops me in my tracks. Not only does he typically design posters based around content that I’m into (Snoopy, big robots, etc), but just look at the technical skill put into these things.

Durieux has an incredible ability to shade his drawings in a way that gives a sense of volume. Gives the illusion of 3-dimensional space even though he’s using a limited palette. No effects or blurs, just hard shading. His cross-hatching and line-shade skill is off the charts, have no idea how he does this stuff with such precision. And he can do type work.

Check out Laurent Durieux’s Flickr for more of his work.






9 responses to “Posters by Laurent Durieux”

  1. Simon H. Avatar

    Woaw. Just woaw.

  2. Jason Avatar

    Aww man that Iron Giant poster is so awesome. The colour work is brilliant, could easily see that on my wall.

  3. Jonathan Avatar

    Wow, love the style!

  4. Dave (Spaceman Design) Avatar

    This stuff is really cool! He nails that retro-futuristic style in a way that feels current and fresh. Thanks for sharing!

  5. rob Avatar

    amazin work men !

  6. Bryan Avatar

    Wow, such detail. Reminds me of the old ink cross-hatching art I love so much! Nice.

  7. Tom Miatke Avatar

    I found his King Kong poster on Mondo and thought it was fantastic.. Awesome use of colours and his style is great.. I’m not gonna lie, his other posters arent my favourites but I still admire them and the detail too.. But King Kong poster.. So Good!!!

  8. Ryan Avatar

    I hope he does a Godzilla poster!

  9. Graphiste Marseille Avatar

    Love that style, nothing else to say….

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