Signalnoise poster for The Sword

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  1. Now THAT right there is one badassed sword! Great work Mr. White.

    So when are they stopping by Halifax to pick up their posters?

  2. I don’t have anything brilliant or even that articulate to say. That poster is sweet! You totally nailed the art style from that period.

  3. Just saw this. Caught all the references even before reading your post. Great job! Stellar textures.

  4. Until I read your post I thought ’80s scifi paperback!’ as well as some atari cart artwork you referenced recently on twitter. Man, please make posters of this. Beautiful!

  5. Jaw droppingly beautiful!! I’d never heard of the sword until you started talking about them on your broadcasts James and after looking at that poster it makes me want to re-think my next album purchase!!

  6. James White you never, and I mean NEVER, cease to amaze me with the wonderful work you do! This is awesome with a capital A-W-E! Great work as usual and thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Wow, thanks so much for the kind words, everyone. Put in a lot of hours on this over the weekend, rocking those textures and bringing all of those influences together. Super fun. Posters coming soon.

  8. You. Killed. It. Amazing work James! I especially love the slight Thundercats vibe I get from it (that may just be me though). I would buy this… it would go great with my Network print :)


  9. Doooood! that is one badass poster. Awesome job. I’m not even into metal that much but I will definitely be buying a copy if you ever sell them! I love that the sword is influenced by the Thundercats. The only question / constructive crit I have is… why no texture on the logo? Great job!

  10. Charley, thanks man! I originally had a golden chrome version of the logo in there but it blended in too much with the background colors. Having the logo straight white made it stand out the most, plus it’s how the titles on old sci-fi novels were treated. It was problematic during the process, trust me. :)

  11. I’m a huge Sword fan and you did them justice. Sweet, sweet justice! This completely RAWKs. Love the texture work you put into this one. Awesome work!

  12. I never leave comments…anywhere…ever. One of the best, if not the best poster of the year so far. You and Chris Ware – his recent Uncle Boonmee poster – have set the bar for the next few months.

  13. Anonymous, humbled to be mentioned in the same sentence as Chris Ware. I’ve come across his work often over the last few years, love it all. Thanks so much, man.

  14. This is an absolutely great piece; matches McPharlin’s original work well, while still maintaining your own style. I can’t stop looking at it.

  15. Janne, thanks so much man. I’m definitely getting some posters printed off, can’t wait to see this thing larger. I’ll hopefully have them available soon once I iron out some details.

    Paul, I definitely had Dan’s work around while making this one. Love his stuff and was looking to continue the theme he put in place for the new album. Thanks man.

  16. woooow….man this poster is incredible…the way you use all the textures just blows my mind….there alot and i mean alot to learn from you brotha…..keep up the good work …ill be passing the link to the poster to everyone at school…they need to see this ….be the way …the sword rules man being from el paso tx. we here alot from them also …..again …man ..just awesome work…

  17. When I first had a look at it, I thought it was something “Firefox” related :P

    Maybe the blue/orange circle that did it.

    Love the texture!

    Beautiful as always James,
    great job!

  18. man please do a snbc….on the sword poster process…i just cant stop looking at it …..

  19. Dude. That is sharp. Yeah definately getting a thundercats vibe from it but that just adds to the awesomeness. Good Work James, an inspiration to all.

  20. Great poster James, this shreds. This is exactly the type of behavior that I look for in WMC’s. I posted it up on the WMC Fest Facebook page for all to see!

  21. Can’t thank you enough for all the kind words, everyone. Seriously humbled. Looking to have some posters done really soon.

  22. Hey your work is great! I moved from Halifax to Vancouver a couple years ago and didn’t know of many graphic artists in town, but that was before I was into the scene. It’s not like I truly into it now, but I’m trying to be.

    I’m wondering if there are many others at your skill and quality level it Halifax and if there’s a big design scene there these days?

    Keep up the great work!

  23. Channeling Roger Dean all day James, nice work. Hope the Sword swings through ABQ soon, great live act and the nicest guys in the world.

  24. James, Thanks a lot for showing your process from sketch, digital mock up, to final product. The knowledge you share is fantastic and GREATLY appreciated! This thing turned out awesome as well. The ‘jewel’ thing is way cool.

  25. Thank you. So flipping epic. The Sword started blowing my mind a few years ago, and continue to do so. I’d love to see more Sword inspired fan-art from Signalnoise! Great Job!!!!

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