Signalnoise on Pinterest: Movie poster gallery

Last week I decided to give this Pinterest thing a go because I’m seeing plenty of trusted friends and sources talking about it. I’m not one to sign up for every community-based service out there (quite frankly, there are too many) but if I see something that might work nicely in a very specific way, I’ll give it a whirl.

Pinterest caught my eye as a great way to build a movie poster archive, so that’s what I did. Check out the Movie Poster board. I’m always being asked what my favorite posters are, what are some good links and all that. So here’s a way for me to bring all that cool stuff together in one place. Drew Struzan, Bob Peak, Bob Gold, Richard Amsel … they’re all in there with more to come. Call it inspiration, design research, or merely a way to productively waste a few minutes looking at stuff that makes you happy.

So swing on by the Signalnoise Pinterest page, … curated with brutal love.






5 responses to “Signalnoise on Pinterest: Movie poster gallery”

  1. Jake Avatar

    How do you like Pinterest? I’ve got so many online repositories of favorites, it’s kind of nice to have a place to consolidate them all. Only wish there was a way to tag images.

  2. Jake Avatar

    Oh I might add, thanks for putting that page together. Soooo many good posters!

  3. Jason Avatar

    I’ve found Pinterest a good resource for inspiration and have been using it as a “mood board” for a few projects.

    Nice to see some of my all-time favourite films on your Pinterest board James!

  4. Keri Avatar

    Great gallery! Although, I notice my favorite film is missing. Where’s The Neverending Story?

  5. Chris Reardon Avatar
    Chris Reardon

    I’m lucky follower 300 ;)

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