Pepsi Cool Cans

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  1. Some of the Dr Pepper cans from Japan are quite hot too. I remember the big Fido Dido push from 7up in the 90s as well.

    It’s always nice to see a fresh/fun take on an existing brand. I even like Mr Kippling’s Halloween takes on cakes, Demon Slices instead of Angel Slices, etc.

    I think I like the Neon bars can the most of that selection.

  2. Hey James, I had an eye for these cans back in the day. I saved copies of each one in hopes they would be worth something down the road. They are a small collection of my larger pop can collection.


  3. @Chris Toms – …and to think after all those trips to the vending machine just for these cans, I never thought to keep any. Darnitall.

  4. I have 3 / 4 of the 1990 cool cans in my collection ( missing the most boring one in my opinion, the confetti looking one ). I’m excited for cokes new designs for this summer but I haven’t seen any out in the wild just yet. Hopefully soon.

  5. It merely makes the soda a cold, hard soda but if you put it in a can the can might explode open if the pressure builds up.

  6. I have a vending machine with the picture of the girl with sunglasses and the surfer. Would anyone know how much it’s worth.

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