Patch designs for Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Opera Browser

I’m proud to show some work I recently did for the awesome people over at Opera Browser. Today they released their Made to Discover initiative featuring an amazing cliff-jumping short film that you should definitely check out. Opera reached out to Signalnoise to do some custom “boy scout style” patches to sync up with their idea of discovery. So Mystery Box and I got to work.

Shown above is the brand new website designed by my talented pal Radim Malinic, where you’ll see my little patches scattered throughout. The second image above shows some other styles and variations we explored before settling on the nice orange ones above. Can you tell I was stuck on that compass idea?

Now you have to understand, Opera is a browser that I’ve been seeing during my entire “online” life. Back in 1995 I remember seeing Netscape and Opera… those were the 2 browsers at the school I went to, so getting the opportunity to work with these guys means a heck of a lot. Never would have thought 18 years ago, man…

Big thanks to the wicked people over at Opera for rolling the dice on Signalnoise!






3 responses to “Patch designs for Opera Browser”

  1. Simon H. Avatar

    W00t. Looking rad James.

  2. DAN O SAUR Avatar

    Hey buddy,

    nice job! Really like the integrated red “O” in every patch! You should´ve gotten a thunder in there somewhere though HAHA
    Hope you are good man?!


  3. Dave Hardy Avatar

    I wouldn’t call it a dice-roll, James. Your track record and portfolio speak for themselves!

    Nice work on these, by the way. I like the retro, “world travel and adventure” feel they convey (similar to what you get from the Pixar movie, Up).

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