Patch designs for NFB Space School

NFB Space School

NFB Space School

NFB Space School

NFB Space School

Been designing a lot of patch designs over the last little while, and been loving every second of it. I’m proud to show these mission patch-style logos created for the mighty National Film Board of Canada in support of their Space School initiative. Bit of a story here…

About 2 years ago I designed a handful of patches for NASA, unofficially. See, NASA has been a dream client of mine since I was a little kid learning about the stars, SkyLab, space shuttles, the whole thing. So I tried to get NASA’s attention through designing some patches and tweeting the hell out of them. In short it didn’t work, but I had some neat portfolio pieces in the end. Then a few months later I got a call from the NFB to design the suckers you see above, a direct result of those NASA patches. You never know what will happen when you put your stuff out there, man.

I was blown away when they launched the NFB Space School site, because right at the front was my logo on a bigass rocket. Dream come true. That top notch animation was done by my pal Joël LeLièvre. Quality goods.

A big thanks to Paul and the Space School team for rolling the dice on Signalnoise!






5 responses to “Patch designs for NFB Space School”

  1. Barely Original Avatar
    Barely Original

    Well, their just deeelicious! Good work, buddy!

  2. Dave Hardy Avatar

    Great stuff, James… congrats. Space is the place!

  3. Jay Avatar

    Love those patches! New ones and the original ones you did for NASA. I’d buy ’em up in a heartbeat!

  4. Simon H. Avatar

    Woohoo! Sweet stuff man.

  5. Paul Pants Avatar

    These are fantastic. Right up there with the NASA ones you did. Still my favorite stickers, luckily I managed to snag a few of those from you, bud.

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