Win original TERMINATOR art

I do a lot of drawing on my spare time, only a portion of which reaches the website, Twitter or what have you. But are a couple of original drawings I created of Arnold as the Terminator and Robert Patrick as T-1000 using good ol’ lead, ink and coloured pencils. Lots of fun blocking out time to sit at my drawing table to put these together. My fingertips are currently blue.

And here’s the thing, I’m giving them away. If you didn’t catch the poster drop on October 12th, Mystery Box has been selling limited edition TERMINATOR 2 posters by myself and pal Tom Muller. So now we would like to add a bit on incentive. If you purchase a Signalnoise TERMINATOR 2 poster (regular or variant) you will be entered to win the original artwork seen above, which stands at 8″ x 10″. And if you have already purchased a poster, you are already entered. Simple.

We’ll start the clock at 2 weeks from today then we’ll announce the winner. November 6. Sound good?






5 responses to “Win original TERMINATOR art”

  1. Tizz Avatar

    Now that’s an incentive! I picked mine up on launch date, can’t wait for it to arive across the pond… customes will probably confiscate it though due to it’s rad powers…

  2. Rob Imbs Avatar

    Such a great drawing

  3. Joshua M Avatar
    Joshua M

    Bought mine the minute they went on sale, variant style. This would look nice framed and matted on my wall.

  4. neil Avatar

    just got my limited editionTERMINATOR 2 poster
    … it!!!!

  5. Dmitri Avatar

    Schwarzenegger is sooooo aaaaaawesome here!

    James, since you don’t plan selling these, could you please consider uploading drawing of Arnie in higher resolution here?
    (if that’s OK for you and if you still have them on hands)


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